Hi, my name is Todd Meador (LinkedIn Profile). I am a social entrepreneur from Nashville, TN. Three years ago, I left my career in healthcare IT consulting to fulfill a dream of creating an impact in the world. My vision was to build a company that inspired and empowered people to make an impact as well.

I believe that people are looking for ways to give back, to make a difference and get involved, especially if it’s in an easy, fun and social way.

Hunger Growl is a company driven by a social mission. We are an innovative social enterprise that creates ‘social campaigns for good’. Currently, Hunger Growl is a one-man operation with a talented group of helpers. This is truly a grassroots movement with a limited budget, but truckloads of passion, dedication and endurance.

For the past three years it has been my passion and my obsession to design the company that is now Hunger Growl. It has been an exciting and many times tedious journey developing the concept, marketing strategy, website, logo, videos and messaging. The learning curve has been steep and I could not have done it alone. Through the help of others we grow stronger. It’s been an honor to work with the 60+ strategists, innovators, artists, nonprofit leaders, entrepreneurs, friends and family members who have contributed towards making this vision a reality.

It started with one guy with a dream and is now one group on a mission.