Growl Against Hunger

Growl against hunger
and we’ll donate 1 meal*

  1. Post a creative, ferocious or fun growl video on social media (Growl Props) or share one of the images or videos below (growl silently)
  2. Include www.HungerGrowl.org or #HungerGrowl in your post and challenge 3 people to growl
  3. Click I GROWLED and tell us so your growl will count!


*At the end of the Indiegogo campaign we will tally the number of growls and donate money to nonprofit feeding programs that will provide one meal per growl for up to 25,000 meals based on participation. Participation is tracked when participants click the “I GROWLED” link and tell us that they have growled. We use the honor system and this is the only way we can track participation because of tracking limitations on Facebook and other networks. Limited to one donation per participant.


Growl Silently

  1. Share our Indiegogo Campaign directly from Indiegogo (share options not available from mobile devices)
  2. Share images directly from Facebook
  3. Share the Hunger Growl Explained video directly from Facebook
  4. Share any content below!